OMB INTERNATIONAL the leader for integrated systems of waste management, able to meet a global clientele

Side Loaders

This is a full range of automatic side compactors, with 2-3-4 axes, with volumes ranging from 14 to 30 cubic meters.

Rear Loaders

Mini compactors, "single-body" and classic vehicles with "tail gate".

Washing Machine

Quick, inside and outside washing and sanitizing with the minimum use of water in fully automatic mode.


To the traditional range of RST containers,OMB recently added the new model B3: easy emptying and reducED noise

Hybrid and Electric buses

Technologies applied to electric and hybrid urban transport: reduced environmental impact, and the reduction of sound emissions an...

Shredders and Chippers

Treatment of municipal solid waste and processing of materials from which can derive the so-called biomass.

Omb i.Trade

Proposals of companies that share the same mission with OMB, the same attention to the environment.